Quando ancora non era il secchisimbol che è oggi, quando ancora non scuoteva i glutei adiposi per dare un senso alla cellulite, Beyoncé era una teenager tutta casa e chiesa. A sedici anni girava video per la parrocchia in cui lanciava messaggi su quanto fosse importante l’amore per  Dio, ma soprattutto su come fosse necessario credere nei propri sogni e tenere lontana la concorrenza:

My advice is to keep God first. That’s the main thing. Keep God first. We go to church every sundays together […] Pray every night and be serious with your prayers.Stay humble […] If you ever meet me and I have a little attitude just slap me! Just Slap me right back into shame..

If you want to do something, put your mind to it. Focus on that one thing. Don’t worry about everybody else trying to distract you and keep you far from your dreams. It’s alot of haters out there that’s going to try to keep you from your dreams but don’t listen to them. Just keep focused on what you are trying to do and I promise you, you gonna get it. If you work hard at it and keep God first.

Che dire oggi, quarantadue anni dopo queste sagge parole? Dio vede e provvede, ma speriamo che non abbia visto il video di “Single Ladies”.

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